Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Hair

Thanks to a fabulous partnership with Goody's Hair Accessories we have "Happy Hair" stations at many of our 100 + New Balance Girls on the Run 5k's.

This is a fabulous photo from an event I attended in South Carolina, just yesterday. Over 500 girls ran through Baxter Village in the 85 degree heat...many of them with Happy Hair.

I saw this young woman and all but chased her down so I could get my photo with her. I really, REALLY want her to be President of the United States one day...and show up at one of her congressional meetings with this fabulous "do"...a "do" which clearly exhibits her high level of confidence.

The shock factor alone would pretty much SO "wow" (or distract) her colleagues she could probably get whatever she wanted passed and put into law within 48 hours.

Rock on little sister. Your hair says it all.

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