Monday, June 8, 2009

Ella and Helen

Lindsay Jones is a fabulous volunteer with our organization. This past year she attended our New Balance Girls on the Run 5k in Charlotte. She brought her precious daughter, Ella, with her. Ella is just a bit over one year old. Like every little girl, Ella radiates a wondrous curiosity about the world around her.

Last week Lindsay sent me a poem, inspired by Girls on the Run.

In honor of my daughter's graduation from fifth grade and the ensuing move up to middle school, I asked Lindsay if I could publish her poem on my blog. She agreed.

So here it is.

My Daughter's Body

My Daughter's body runs.

Walks, jumps, dances, laughs, loves, lives. It brings the wind in her hair and the ground to her feet. It is her gift.

My daughter's body is capable.

It is a tool for good, it is useful. Not an image or a symbol to own. It is her gift.

My daughter's body does not confine or define.
It houses her soul, mind, heart and spirit, it is the shell of something more beautiful. It is her gift.

My daughter's body is part of me but is not mine.
It is not yours. It is productive and capable. It is her gift.

My daughter's body was formed inside me.
She is a miracle and a blessing who I will not contain or hold back. It is her gift.

My daughter's body is sacred.
From the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair. Covered in sweat or awash in rain. It is her gift.

My daughter's body is respected.
It is not manipulative. It is not on display. It is her gift. My daughter's body brings her to the finish line. Moving fast or slow. It doesn't matter. She finished. It is her gift.

Helen...on this very special day I want you to know that despite all of the challenges and lessons that lie ahead, you are capable of maneuvering those with the grace, strength and wisdom I've seen revealed already, in the 11 years I've known you. You are a gift to me. I am learning so much from you, my girl. You have given me permission to honor, embrace and celebrate the strength, power and wisdom I possess...all miraculously unveiled since knowing you.

Love you girl.

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  1. Elizabeth SadlonJune 11, 2009 at 6:02 AM

    Hi Molly --

    Could we ask Lindsay if councils could use this wonderful poem? We're sending a letter to parents, and this could be great to share.

    Thanks, and bravo to wonderful Helen!