Monday, March 23, 2009

Hope Abounds

Last Thursday and Friday I was in Owosso, MI. Owosso, MI? I wasn't too sure where it was either. I knew that I was flying into Flint, MI and Owosso was somewhere between Flint and Lansing.

To be completely honest, the thought of leaving the warmth of Charlotte (highs in the 70's last week) and flying to Flint, MI where the highs were in the 40's and the flight required a stop...well...just wasn't necessarily something I was looking forward to...

BUT, once I arrived, the warmth of our volunteers, our council directors and the children in Owosso eliminated any doubt, whatsoever, about my being there.

This is an area that has been hit hard by the financial challenges in the auto industry. My friends there tell me that many, many of our children in the program have been impacted by the economy...and yet the kids keep coming back to Girls on the Run.

I joined a group of beautiful girls at Bryant Elementary...and was overcome with they gathered around me, hugged me and bubbled over with enthusiasm for life, their friendships and the connections they have made through Girls on the Run.

I left on Friday, uplifted by the hope of those children and awed by their ability to see, feel and express it, even when the world around them may be suggesting otherwise.

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