Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Invitation

It's 4:45 on the West Coast. Back home, my children sleep soundly...and here I type again. Sleep seems to elude me these days, my thoughts filled with an excited sort of something brilliant awaits beneath my own awareness.

I've been here for four days, visiting with our girls in our Girls on the Run of Los Angeles program. Board Chair, Elizabeth, has kept me busy...a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I'ts not often I get to spend time with our West Coast councils. I'm physically tired, but emotionally and mentally captivated by the conversations I've had with the women involved in our work here.

On Thursday night I spoke to 150 wonderful people...girls in our program, their families, their coaches and our volunteers. I looked across that sea of faces and the radiance from within each of those individuals was at times, during my presentation, almost overwhelming. I am frequently (much to my children's disbelief!) left speechless at events like this!

I saw our vision manifest in each and every girl and woman there and can feel the momentum buidling.

And, the vision is this...

A world where all girls and women can recognize and achieve their greatest human potential.

I invite you to join me. What piece of this vision are you creating with your personal choices and your professional life?

There's a whole section below awaiting your response!

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