Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beauty Redefined

Yesterday thanks to a partnership with Goody's Hair Accessories and Girls on the Run I got the chance to speak at their re-branding event in New York City. Over 50 beauty editors gathered in the Edison Room in mid-town Manhattan to hear all about the approach Goody would be taking as it moved forward with product design and future innovations.

I sat in that room, watching all of the effort going into this re-branding intiative and was overcome with gratitude...pondering where I was in my own life fifteen years ago and where I am now. Jennifer and Jana, our two main contacts, along with all of the other wonderful folks at Goody, GET what this movement is all about.

They took a big risk yesterday. Rather than launch the new products, Jennifer stood before that group and launched a new idea. Bravely, she suggested they consider a new definition of beauty...a definition based on confidence, authenticity, inspiration and good works in the world. A definition that includes support of one another and the elimination of gossip, judement and harsh criticism.

I'm not typically nervous when I speak, but yesterday I could feel my knees shaking and my heart racing...considering the potential influence in the room. Seated before me were the story makers...those people capable of truly influencing the way beauty is portrayed in popular culture and the media.

I realized that every woman there is in many ways, just like me...trying to figure out how to balance our culture's view of beauty with her to put my best self forward without caving into the belief that all I am is my appearance. be able what I love and use my natural gifts and abilities to create positive change in the world. THIS is when I feel and am quite certain appear the most beautiful.
The "conversations" are still playing out in my head. I am overcome with what is possible...the possibility that yes...some elements of the Girl Box are slowly disappearing and the barriers that limit our girls' potentials are beginning to disintegrate.

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  1. Bravo to Jennifer and Jana and all the great Goody folks. Welcome to the fashion magazine folks who heard the Goody message and share Molly's passion and peeked through the window of opportunity with us. What an exciting journey!
    Elizabeth, GOTR Los Angeles